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Calling Community Groups to Collaborate

Communities are the foundation of dynamic, interconnected networks. The Perth Hills hosts many vibrant and active community groups who share common interests and values.

Perth Hills Future was recently established as a Community Peak Body to address the overarching and shared challenges across the Perth Hills. We seek to collaborate with all hills based community groups to hear their collective voice and local context during the community engagement processes. Community groups include ratepayer or progress associations, environmental, cultural, historical, youth, senior, sporting, special interest or awareness groups and other not for profit initiatives that are generally focussed on local or specific issue and goals.

Perth Hills Future aims to engage broadly with community groups to seek smarter ways to invest in our future. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel or duplicate the good work already being undertaken but rather we want to achieve collaborate action through inclusive community participation and shared learning.

We will undertake community engagement processes to address overarching challenges to create solutions and a plan for the future that

· Protects and enhances the natural environment

· Showcases our heritage and culture

· Develops land in a responsible and balanced manner

· Promotes Tourism and the Lifestyle Economy

· Plans for Smart Growth and clean energy solutions

We invite all community groups to collaborate with Perth Hills Future. To be part of the conversation to create the future of the Perth Hills please contact for more information and join us at

Together we will create the future of the Perth Hills.

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As usual, Paige, well said.

At present I'm not a member of any community group (other than Perth Hills Future), although I've lived in this Shire for 34 years. My interest is and always has been environmental. My personal vision for the future of this region is very limited "development", if any at all, and the protection and preservation of the remaining natural areas my prime concern.

I'm aware though that our local economy needs to be self-sufficient. We need to develop tourism and other local industries so that we never become reliant on the likes of Nigel Satterley for economic support. In fact, Nigel's and other developers' plans would leave us with NO tourism because, after all, who would…

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