Join date: May 11, 2021


My name is Joseph and I lived for 22 years in the Hills. Mount Helena is my original hometown and my parents moved there in 1994. I grew up mostly in Mundaring with my mum after my parents separated. Although I currently don't live in the Hills as I have recently moved out of home, I have family who still do and I am very passionate about the area. I study Building Design and I enjoy looking at and researching sustainable design for homes, public buildings and development. I believe Mundaring and surrounding towns have a lot of potential and could be great places for a diverse group of people to live, however there are issues that are preventing that and I think need resolving, particularly around affordable housing, ad-hoc development, duplication/poor placement of services and lack of public transport and other infrastructure. I joined to present ideas and to look for solutions to these issues.


Joseph Sawka

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