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Creating our Perth Hills Future

Updated: May 29, 2021

Yesterday, before an 1,800 strong Save Perth Hills crowd, I declared that now is the time to seize the opportunity to develop a community-led dialogue about the future of the Perth Hills.

Under the shadow of the proposed North Stoneville urban development, the community have clearly voiced their objections that were verified by the WA Planning Commission.

North Stoneville is not the future that the Perth Hills community wants or needs.

So, let’s start the conversation to re-imagine and deliver a future that protects our environment and culture while building a strong local economy. The potential opportunity for Smart Growth in the Hills is enormous. We do not need to rely on vast high density urban development that puts lives at risk to see our communities grow and thrive.

Perth Hills Future will undertake widespread community consultation to address key challenges shared across the Hills and explore opportunities for growth. This was first done in Portland, Oregon in the 1980’s when Mayor Bud Clarke called for the first community driven plan for a greater economic future. His ambitious initiative enabled community leaders to undertake broad and diverse consultation to gather data and formulate cohesive recommendations. The City then implemented the prioritised recommendations, with the greatest level of confidence and community support.

Perth Hills Future will work to achieve the same outcome by delivering strong Mandates that form the basis of a community-led conversation with government, in pursuit of a more integrated and sustainable future for the Perth Hills.

Time spent trying to fix the planning mistakes of the past has diverted attention away from building a better future for the Perth Hills. Now is the time to have these conversations about our future and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Join us to let your voice be heard

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